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(613): His whole street is under construction. Third walk of shame this week & I’m getting a lot of sympathetic nods from the workers.
(540): he said I was the best sex he’s ever had, handed me a burger king crown and told me to take my walk of shame with pride

Derek dabs at the enormous hickey at the hollow of his throat, gets a sick sort of thrill from the dull ache, and realizes, just in that moment, that he’s completely and utterly gone on Stiles. -When they first started fucking, they agreed on certain things, one of them being to leave no marks, and now here he is, staring at the monstrosity on his neck, feeling some sort of accomplished.

Stiles stumbles in, dressed in a pair of boxers only, hair mussed and sticking out in every direction. He’s a little bleary-eyed, pillow creases imprinted on his left cheek, looking soft and pliant, and all Derek wants to do is take him back to bed and spoon the shit out of him.

He’s so lost.

“Oh my god,” Stiles sways over to him, staring intently at the huge thing on Derek’s neck, pokes it at gently. “Is that a—is that a hickey?”

“No, I think it’s a hatebite,” Derek says, looking back at Stiles through the mirror, swatting Stiles’ probing fingers away.

“Oh, dude.” Stiles’ eyes go wide, he looks utterly mortified. “I’m so sorry, I know we agreed on—I’m—”

“It’s okay,” Derek cuts in gently, unable to stop himself from smiling like an idiot, a love-struck idiot. “I don’t mind.”

Stiles stares at him, mouth open. Derek wants to bite his lip. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Derek rolls his eyes. “I mean people will probably think I had some wild animal sucking on me.”

Stiles smirks shiteatingly, waggles his eyebrows in a way that drives Derek crazy. “Wild animal, huh?”

Derek covers his face with a hand and sighs. “I didn’t realize you were such a giant sucker.”

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Confessions from Dylan O’Brien About His Role in ‘The Maze Runner’—Teen Vogue: All Access

draco: potter... potter is it true you fainted? you actually fainted?
ron: shove off malfoy
draco: shut up i'm checking on my boyfriend bby you okay do you want father to sue the train


it doesn’t matter how many shows I watch none of them will let me down like Glee let me down


it’s my birthday this friday and i am so tempted to just go and print tv shirts w those pictures of matthew grey gubler on them u kno which ones

do it if u don’t youre weak as hell…


commission for deaniepie (prev. orgycastiel right haha hopefully i have the right person) who wanted dean in his “i wuv hugs” shirt holding a teddy bear and wearing a flower crown :) 

sorry if it looks a bit rough ;A; still trying to beat out this brain block


I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve decided that in season five Derek really needs to come back with a majestic, full, fluffy beard because of his wolf form

*the thing voice* it’s selfie time

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you were named after the hottest man I ever knew, draco malfoy potter

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